Radiator service centre OPPOZIT


The company has not changed its specialization throughout the period of its operation. All experiments and searches for new methods and materials have always been oriented to improvement of skills and replenishment of knowledge exactly in this field, which helps to find extraordinary solutions, where some other specialists may see a situation completely hopeless.


LLC “Oppozit” radiator service centre – for many this name is equivalent to constantly high quality and operative work. 25 years of experience in Latvia allows us to be the market leader.

Price policy

Together with attractive price policy LLC OPPOZIT provides warranty for radiator repair and restoration works, starting from six months (depending on the radiator condition), whereas regular customers, upon concluding an agreement, receive 10–20% discount on the radiator price.


To ensure as operative provision of services as possible, LLC OPPOZIT also maintains contacts with Latvian suppliers of radiators manufactured by other companies, so in our catalogue of radiators and warehouse you can find almost everything you need. In addition, the company itself organises trips to get spare parts and radiators, and, if possible, offers alternative solutions, for example, to use spare parts from other radiator model etc. Clients are always offered several solutions, starting from repair or restoration of radiators, which allows our clients to save money significantly, to making a new radiator according to a sample or client’s individual desires.


In the opinion of specialists of LLC OPPOZIT, every radiator can be repaired, unless damage is irreversible. If there is something to “cling on”, almost everything can be done: weld or solder aluminium and brass parts, glue, restore or replace plastic parts.